About Me

Where is your accent from?

In February 2020, I moved from St. Petersburg, Russia to the United States. As a first-generation immigrant, I dealt with my fair share of adversity. With English being my second language, I found it difficult to deal with the social anxiety and culture shock that comes with moving here. However, I feel that this experience has allowed me to grow into a stronger and better version of myself and will allow me to excel in anything that I do.

My first job upon moving to the United States was with Pyle Financial Services in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At Pyle Financial Services, I started as an Intern and then got promoted to an Assistant Financial Advisor and worked with several tech platforms (eMoney, RightCapital) on a day-to-day basis. However, after working there for several months, I realized that working in the financial sphere was not for me. I simply did not have a passion for Finance. I wanted to find a career that got me excited and for that I had to think back to my childhood.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated with computer programs and the World Wide Web so I decided to become a web developer. After completing a year-long program in Codecademy, I started taking on my first projects as a freelancer. Later, I joined an amazing agency in Boston called Hencove, where I learned more about the industry and modern tech solutions. While working at the agency, I worked on various tasks such as creating sites in Hubspot, working with different WordPress plugins and themes, reviewing sites for accessibility, and more. Eventually, I decided to continue my freelance journey and I am very excited to see what clients I encounter in the future!


My education

Front-End Development

Codecademy - Career Path
Detroit, Michigan

BS in Political Science

St. Petersburg State University
St. Petersburg, Russia